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J.D. Drew to the Red Sox

Baseball chatter is increasing about the Red Sox signing J.D Drew to a five-year/$75MM contract.  All his sbaremetrically in vogue statistics support that offer.  It certainly seems reasonable given the contract Carlos Lee signed to play the field exclusively for six seasons at $16.7MM per.

In this morning's Boston Herald, Gerry Callahan leaves no doubt about where he stands on the signing:

...along comes the apparent man crush that Epstein has on David Jonathan Drew, and you can't help but wonder: Has Epstein learned anything from past mistakes?

...And unless Matt Young is plotting a comeback, you would have a hard time finding a player who is less suited to play here than J.D. Drew, who also is known as Nancy Drew and D.L. Drew.

For some reason, the paying customers seem to understand better than the Sox front office wonks that it ain't all about OPS. Sometimes you've got to look at the character and the personality of a player before you walk down the aisle with him.

Now the Sox are talking about giving Drew $14 million per year. For the next four or five years. What do they say about obscenity? You know it when you see it? Well, $14 million a year for J.D. Drew is obscene.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Drew wilt under the torches & pitchforks of the Red Sox Nation, but that won't stop this fantasy baseball player from going $25+ on J.D Drew.