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Chatter has the Red Sox asking Seibu to kickback some of the $51.11MM posting fee the team paid for the right to negotiate with Daisuke Matzusaka.

Kickbacks are illegal in the real world.  Is this a case where something against the law is permitted inside baseball because baseball's rules don't prohibit it a la steroids?

Rotoworld blurbs the Yanks may ask for the same kickback on their Igawa bid.

This stinks and lead me to ask whether Scott Boras has a set amount he needs to collect commission on with Matzusaka and Drew and doesn't care which player gets what as long as the total is, say, $120MM commissionable.  Because, frankly, if Seibu can kickback some of the posting fee in a legal manner, I see no leap whatsoever to my hypothesized bargaining tactic.

No ethics is no ethics, right?