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Fake Teams Predicts Future

A few weeks ago, I made top-of-my-head, tongue-in-cheek fake trade proposals.  For the Pirates, I offered this:

The Pirates need a power threat in the middle of their line-up.

Trade:  LHP Zach Duke to the the Arizona Diamondbacks for RF Carlos Quentin

The previously-linked Ringolsby article had this tidbit:

* Pittsburgh is looking for left-handed power and has Rockies RF Brad Hawpe on its wish list. The Pirates, however, are hesitant to give up any young starting pitcher other than Paul Maholm, and the Rockies would want a quality starting pitcher, and maybe a bit more, to trade Hawpe's power potential.

I was fairly close.  Quentin is three seasons from arbitration and merits the better pitcher while Hawpe is arb-eligible after next season and gets the lesser one.  Not to mention CQ is three-years younger.