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Carlos Lee Signs for $100MM

Reports have LF Carlos Lee signing with the Houston Astros for $100MM over six seasons.  The contracts that have come before this one have lessened the sticker shock, but it is still more than most thought possible when the season ended.

I could pick nits with it but won't.  The Astros needed a hitter and got one.  37 HRs may even be enough to hide the sickness that forces the Astros to play the Brad Ausmuses, Adam Everetts, Eric Bruntletts and Orlando Palmeiro's of the world.

Unfortunately for fantasy baseball players, breakout OFs Lance Scott and Chris Burke have been ridded of any opportunity for regular 2007 ABs.

So, Scott and Burke move to the bench and must compete with Phil Garner's criminally-negligent favs, Orlando Palmeiro and Eric Bruntlett.