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Scott Podsednick

Yesterday, the Daily Southtown in Chicago ran an article about the Cubs signings and the effects those would have on the moves the White Sox would feel compelled to make in reponse.  Wisely, GM Kenny Williams refused to take the bait.

Within the piece, the writer concluded the White Sox were more likely to go to arbitration with LF Scott Podsednick rather than participate the the free agent market that has more froth than...Oh, an analogy escapes me, but you get the drift.

What I find strange is the ease with which Scott Podsednick has been written off as a viable major league outfielder because I know he produces on the fantasy diamond.  In a season of disparagement, he still managed more than 500 ABs and drew 50+ walks with 40 SBs.  His power is non-existent, but a .330 OBP does not make him an awful baseball player - upgradable but not awful.  (That OBP would have been amongst the best in the Ahaheim line-up!)

His walk rate has been the same over the past three seasons with the only difference being a wildly flucuating AVG.  His walk rate is actually very similar to a recently-signed $50MM player who is two years older.

While Podsednick's SLG is never going to better than "below-average," 1st-year arbitration-eligiblity will protect him as a cost-conscious viable option.

If he ever gets $44MM or $50MM, though...