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Jason Schmidt

Peter Gammon's "blog" entry contained many interesting nuggets of information.  Given it is behind the subscription wall, I'll limit this post to just a couple comments that are behind the wall. (A Thanksgiving thanks for Mr. Gammons' recovery. His articles were missed this summer, and it is great to have him back for the Hot Stove League.)

The one that isn't behind the wall is the bit about reliever Danys Baez asking for 3YR/$21MM.  He wants to close, and in light of Justin Speier's $18 mil over 4 years, a three-year deal seems downright rationale.

On Jason Schmidt:

"He is not the same pitcher he was four years ago because his velocity is down three to five miles an hour and he doesn't throw many breaking balls because he says it hurts his elbow. But he has developed one of the best changeups in baseball, 84 mph, and is still a very good pitcher. Different, but very good."

Can anyone imagine giving $10+MM per year to a starrting pitcher who won't throw a breakingball because it hurts his elbow?

On Eric Gagne:

if Eric Gagne can stay healthy, with a 90-mph fastball instead of 98 mph and that Bugs Bunny 80-mph changeup, he could become a kind of Trevor Hoffman.

Soon enough, no one will know what the "Bugs Bunny change-up" will reference.  I know my children don't.  With six 24/7 cartoon stations, none play Looney Tunes.