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Quicker Baseball Cube Dot Com Search

The is one of the best resources on the 'net to check player statisitcs.  These include minor league and college ones, too.  I find it an inexhaustible resource.

What bothers me, though, is the number of ads on the site, and the resultant time it takes to load all of them.  I don't blame 'cube, but, when I can avoid as many as possible, I will.  (I understand the banner ad across the top of Fake Teams is clunky, but I have been told that the Firefox browser eliminates them.)

Here is a technique I use to access the's info more quickly.  Instead of going directly to the site and typing in the player's name, I use my Google search box and enter the player's name.

The resulting search typically has that player's 'cube link amongst the first few.

I click, and wham! there it is with just one load of ads (those on the player's page.)