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Kory Casto

With the Cubs' signing of the Nationals' 2006 LF, an opening, some would say "chasm", in leftfield.  Watch for AA LF, Kory Casto to be given the chance to land significant ABs at the positon in 2007.

He has hit 20 HRs and walked 80 times in each of his last two minor league seasons.  That doesn't guarantee that level of major league production as a Nat in 2007, but it does auger well for his ability to adjust from any expected struggles.

In the AFL this winter, he has continued his plate-disciplined ways with a .471 OBP (17 BBS 53 ABs).  

Casto is a left-handed hitter so even a platoon will see him getting four starts per week.

With these two attributes, minor-league OBP and LHH, expect to see the roto-commentariat lauding Casto as a big-time sleeper for 2007.