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Juan Pierre to LA?

FOXSports' Ken Rosenthal reports the Dodgers are close to signing centerfielder Juan Pierre for four or five years at $9MM per.

With CF filled for the remiander of the decade and the first couple of years of the second 21st century one, expect some uncertainty in playing time in in the outfield corners.

Andre Ethier finished the year sitting behind Marlon Anderson and Matt Kemp found himself continuing to struggle after his meteoric start (7HRs in first 46 ABs.  None is his remaining 108 with 38 Ks.  He had 15 in those inital 46 ABs.)

With the two-year/$18MM contract given to Nomar Garciaparra, 1B James Loney is pushed into the OF mix. Add-in the never-healing Jason Repko, and there exists a playing time situation to clear-up for fantasy baseball drafts.

The Dodgers outfield consists of Loney, Pierre, Ethier, Anderson, Kemp and Repko.  The infielders are Nomar, Kent, Furcal, and Betemit with Ramon Martinez, Oscar Robles and Olmedo Saenz as the back-ups.  With Russ Martin and his back-up at catcher, I count 15 hitters.

Given this golden Era of Middle Relief, I wouldn't expect the Dodgers to go with a staff of ten.

Whose the loser amongst that group of 15 hitters?  Can the Dodgers stand pat or must they try to sign a power hitter?

What do you think?