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Moises Alou

Reports have the Mets nearing a two-year contract or one-year plus an option with 40-year-old left fielder Moises Alou.

He won't be a detriment, but he won't get anyone excited.  He is a 15-20 HR outfielder, and one must assume he is a 400 AB hitter given his age and past two seasons' performance.

In an NL-only league, I'd take him to the teens with high inflation leading towards $19.  In mixed leagues, he should remain in the pool in your standard Yahoo! 10-team league, and there isn't anything wrong with any of the 14 owners in a deeper mixed league if he wasn't drafted, either.

As for a sleeper, Moises bats from the right side, so a back-up OF who can hit from the left should be in line for 4-10 ABs per week sans injury.  That would be Willie Randolph fav, Endy Chavez.

In right field for the Mets is former 35/35 34-year-old Shawn Green.  If he continues to drive in fewer and fewer runs in 500+ ABs, expect to see him platooned with right-handed OF, Ben Johnson.

Either back-up would be a fine end-of-draft $1 gamble.