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Frank Thomas is a Blue Jay.

The Blue Jays and DH Frank Thomas have officially finalized the deal that takes up the Blue Jays DH role for the next two seasons.

Three of my previous four posts have been about the fallout of this trade - Don't Like It, Barry Bonds, Adam Lind.

There is a brightside for fantasy baseball owners, though, and that is Daric Barton.  He now has a slot to come into Oakland and receive significant ABs.  While there is no certainty it would be at his AAA position, 1B, he would have the DH route available.  (Something Adam Lind is soon to envy!)

Daric has solidified himself as a legitmate post-mega-hype sleeper for 2007 with this signing.  (As I stated here.)

FWIW, Barton is off to a good start in the Dominican Winter League.(Azucareros)