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Mets/Padres Trade

The Mets shipped middle relievers, Heath Bell and Royce Ring to the Padres for OF Ben Johnson and releiver Jon Adkins.

The first-glance fantasy baseball implications are minimal.  The two relievers the Padres received can immediately be lumped in as decent roster filler due to their home ballpark, and OF Ben Johnson must be considered a fantasy sleeper as long as the Mets do not sign/trade for a left-fielder.  Really, can Endy Chavez repeat his 2006 season?

However, I note that the Padres have now acquired three middle relievers in the past week.  Does this mean the Padres are going to deal Scott Linebrink, and, if they do, there will be an 8th- inning role opened-up behind closer Trevor Hoffman.

The pitcher that fills that role automatically lands himself on every fantasy baseball teams potential closer list.