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Matzusaka and Stuff

I'm not sure why, but I am glad Orestes Destrade was correct with his more than $50MM posting fee and not the corporate bigwigs at ESPN.

The next chapter in the Matzusaka Saga is how much his agent, Scott Boras, allows the Red Sox to capitalize their fee against Daisuke's contract.

As a Yankees fan, I can't help hoping the negotiations are as acrimonious as possible.  It'd provide for much entertainment during this off-season.  

Just as signing Johnny Damon materially weakened the Red Sox, I'd expect the inability to sign Matsuzaka to do the same.  By the time the window closed, many of the next tier of SP will be off the market.

It would even be better if the Red Sox were forced to sign Barry Zito as a result.  There is no way Zito is signing until Matzusaka sets the market for #1 starters.  And the Red Sox may be the only suitors left!

Just thinking of Barry Zito serving up doubles off the Green Monster after walking the previous batter warms my Yankees' heart!

That's just dreaming.  I expect the Red Sox are willing to accept Boras's demands with as little resistance as possible.