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Mark DeRosa to the Cubs

The Cubs followed-up their five-year commitment to 3B Aramis Ramirez with a three-year one to former Texas Ranger, Mark DeRosa.

Given the success DeRosa had in Texas playing the super-utility role, DeRosa will prove to be a a good NL-signee.  The position flexibility alone will make him an asset to the 25-man roster.

If he drives the ball the same way he did for the Rangers, the Cubs won't have any second thoughts about signing the 32-year-old to the same annual money the Mets gave to 37-year-old Jose Valentin.

With the position flexibility, Mark DeRosa will prove to be a $9-$12 draftee in NL-only keeper leagues.  In mixed leagues, he is a very late round draftee.  In 10-team Yahoo! ones, he will be in the pool for most of the season.

The big question is what the Cubs will do with AAA 2B Eric Patterson.  In 2006, Corey's brother stole 46 bases bewteen AAA and AAA.  In fact, his 67 AB stint in Iowa had raised him to the status of a 2007 sleeper for SBs.

With Ryan Theriot still in Chicago and Mark DeRosa signed for three years, the odds of Patterson making any contribution in 2007 for the Chicago Cubs is gone.

I wonder if the Cubs will make the 2B available in a trade to help flesh out their starting rotation.  Maybe to Colorado along with another part or two for Jason Jennings?

That rationality aside, am I the only one who would have preferred to see Eric Patterson play 2B and earn $20+ as 30 SB middle infielder?  Is Dusty Baker still there?  I understand the first-place Yankees loading-up at every position with expensive veterans, but a last place team?  Don't those get better by having six-figure players playing a key role sprinkled with the well-chosen free agent signing?

DeRosa had the great timing to have his, by far, best professional season, but why would a perrenially-struggling club sign