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Justin Upton and Joel Sherman

Nine days ago, I posted something by Joel Sherman of the NY Post about the Diamondbacks preference of CF Chris Young over superest prospect in the whole world, Justin Upton.  I posted a diary at Minor League Ball in hopes that more fanatical minor league devotees would have heard something similar.  They had not.

I had emailed Mr. Sherman and received a reply that was blank.  (Mayybe I should have held the monitor up to the light to see if it had been written in lemon juice?)

Nothing further came-up to support Mr. Sherman's paranthetical until yesterday afternoon.  While reading a Q&A with Arizona beat writer Steve Gilbert on Mobile, this was raised and answered.

Is there any truth to an article I read in the New York Post that said the D-Backs would like to trade Justin Upton?
-- Joe C., Phoenix

Joe, I was surprised by the report you're referring to. Not the fact that the D-backs might have to part with a package that included say Chris Young and Miguel Montero in a deal for Willis, because we've already established how high the cost of pitching will be. But what did catch me off guard was when the writer said the D-backs would prefer to part with Upton rather than Young. From what I understand in talking with people involved with the D-backs is both of those guys -- Young and Upton -- are pretty untouchable.

There you have it! As definitively answered as possible!  "People involved with the Dbacks" say both CF propects are untouchable!  

But isn't the question still unresolved?  Mr. Sherman used "they" referring to the Dbacks.  Could there be a split opinion in the organization?

Joel Sherman, contact me and clear this up! (Either use the link in the upper right corner or search through your in-box and/or sent box for my other address.)