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Daisuke Matsuzaka

Update [2006-11-13 20:9:2 by Eric Hz]: From

ESPN said that Boston's bid was $42 million, although XM Radio reported on one of its Monday morning shows that the bid was in excess of $50 million. Several high-ranking baseball sources also said they had heard Boston was the winner at about $50 million
Update [2006-11-13 16:46:34 by Eric Hz]: I heard on the MLB Update entering the train (3:00 PM EST) that Destrade's source said in excess of $50MM.

Later, I read on ESPN that Peter Gammons has confirmed the Red Sox won the post war with a $42MM bid; thus, validating colleague Buster Olney's scoop on Friday.

I went for a lunchtime stroll to listen to some MLB on XM Radio and turned the station on in the midst of a discussion with Orestes Destrade (Very nice Japanese League stats, Sr. Destrade.).

He reports, via his own Japanese contacts, that Daiske Matzusaka will get a chance to be a Boston Red Sock.  The posting fee?  $50 MM!

There will also be an 8:00 P.M. EST press conference in Japan.