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Fake Teams' Fake Trades Finale

With LA's J.D. Drew opting out of the remaining three years and $33 million, I may be underestimating the amount of money that is going to be spent this off-season (and I am amongst the most exuberant.)

As such, I may also be under-estimating the value any of my six-figured salaried tradees in my mock trades.

With the free agent frenzy set to begin on Sunday, this will be the last in the 2007 version of Fake Trades by Fake Teams.

St. Louis

The Edmonds extension fills their outfield for the next two years - just in time for Colby Rasmus to step-in in 2009.

With that settled, the Cardinals need starting pitching and a closer.

Trade:  Deal 1B Albert Pujols to the Tigers for RHP Jeremy Bonderman.  

Just kidding.

Trade 3B Scott Rolen to the Detroit Tigers for reliever Todd Jones and LHP Nate Robertson.


The Astros need Morgan Ensberg power in the OF.

Trade:  The aforementioned Ensberg to the  Philadelphia Phillies for LF Pat Burrell and reliever Ryan Madson.

(Really I like the Anaheim deal I proposed earlier - Ensberg for Saunders/Mathis/Morales, but I didn't want to repeat any.)

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs need the rotation.  Carlos Zambrano and Rich hill aren't going to cut it.

Trade:  LF Matt Murton and to the Oakland A's for RHP Joe Blanton.  The extra year of non-arbitration that comes with Murton is the premium for the starting pitcher.


The Brewers are well-stocked in young positions propsects and have a set rotation.  An area of weakness catching depth behind 37-year-old Damian Miller.

Trade:  RHP David Bush to the Seattle Mariners for AAA C Jeff Clement and Joelle Piniero.


Despite GM Wayne Krivsky's reliever acquistion frenzy last year, the Reds still need a closer.

Trade:  1B Adam Dunn to the Detroit Tigers for reliever Todd Jones, OF Craig Monroe and AAA RHP Jordan Tata.


The Pirates need a power threat in the middle of their line-up.

Trade:  LHP Zach Duke to the the Arizona Diamondbacks for RF Carlos Quentin.

San Diego

The Padres need a catcher.

Trade:  Reliever Cla Meredith to the Atlanta Braves for AA C Jarrod Saltalamacchia.


The Rockies need a CF.

Trade:  AAA RF Jeff Baker to the Pittsburgh Pirates for CF Chris Duffy.


The Diamondbacks need starting pitching.

Trade:  Reliever Juan Cruz to the New York Yankees for starter Carl Pavano.

San Francisco

The Giants need a RF, 2B, 1B and a C.

Trade:  RHP Brad Hennessey to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for AAA 1B Wes Bankston and UT Ty Wigginton.

Los Angeles

The Dodgers need a CF and a RF.

Trade:  LHP Mark Hendrickson and RHP Brett Tomko to the New York Yankees for RF Gary Sheffield.