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Daric Barton

This is from my league message board following my acquistion of Mr. Barton, Carl Pavano, Melvin Mora and #19 minor leage pick for Jason Giambi and #15 minor league pick.

(12-team-AL-only-4X4-keeper league).

"Barton is a joke - I'm beginning to think all of the Beane gambles are a joke. Along with Beane. How do you churn through this many managers and blame the manager. There's a common denominator in all of this. BEANE!

Other than Zito has Beane found any other diamonds in the rough? Not that I can tell. I think Beane is the leagues new bitch - dump a bunch of worthless players that can walk a lot on him and get his good players leftover from prior management."

Barton was the doorway to criticize Billy Beane, but, as i can't draft Beane, I emphasized the Barton part.

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