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Questions for DAL/PHI

Dallas at Philadelphia 4:15 p.m.

Another week removed from his broken finger, stud-wide receiver-turned children's author, Terrell Owens, will be looking for his first big game as an underling to Bill Parcells. (Def: big game = 100+ yards and a TD)

(Am I the only one who is wondering when the T.O./Madonna Childrens' Book Gift Pack will be on sale?)

Thomas' little brother has dominated the carries at RB.  This was a major concern in fantasy drafts and dropped JJ to the 3rd and 4th rounds.  With 20/96 per game averages, his drafters have been rewarded.

What is apparent is Marion Bah-ber the Third will get a handful or so of carries each week regardless.

Does QB Donovan McNabb have another receiver he can turn into a fantasy stud for a week?  Dante Stallworth, AJ Smith, Brain Westbrook and Reggie Brown have had their turn.  Is Greg Brown next?

RB Brian Westbrook came off a few touches/huge yards and scores game against the 49ers in Week Three.  He subsequently did not play on Monday night against the Packers and looks very questionable for this game.

Will he play?  Can fantasy teams take the risk that he does not?  Will RB Correll Buckhalter be repared to carry the load?

Maybe it will be Buckhalter that McNabb turns into a Week Five stud?