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Buck Showalter Fired

The Texas Rangers have fired manager Buck Showalter. Given his previous teams' post-Buck performances, the Rangers are now the favorites to win the 2007 World Series.

The season after Showalter's four-year tenure ended in New York in 1995, the Yankees won three of the next four World Series. That dominating streak was snapped in 2001 by the Arizona Diamondbacks, the expansion team Showalter had built the three previous seasons.

From a fantasy perspective, drop the values of Buck's guys, CF Gary Matthews Jr, Mark DeRosa and Rod Barajas, if all three remain with the Rangers next season.

Also increase the values of OF/DH Jason Botts, C Gerald Laird and OF Freddy Guzman. As a matter of fact, any player with a bit of speed takes an immediate upgrade in value.

The Rangers stole 53 bases for the year under Buck.