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Jeff Suppan to the Yankees?

This morning's NY Post, one of three daily newspapers adding circulation in the country (the other two are the NY Daily News and the St. Louis Dispatch), reports the New York Yankees are interested in adding World Series pitching hero and federally-funded embryonic stem-cell opponent, Jeff Suppan as a curative for there 2006 pitching ailments.

At $8-$10 million per season, the Yankees have apparently forgotten about their recent success signing NL starting pitchers who produced better numbers than Jeff Suppan has in the year prior to signing with the Yankees.

To quote the article:

The Yankees haven't had much success bringing NL starters into the beastly AL East (Jaret Wright, Shawn Chacon and Pavano), but Suppan has worked in the AL and pitched effectively for the putrid Royals. From 1999-2002, Suppan was 39-51 for Kansas City and won 10 games in each of the first three seasons. He was 3-4 with a 5.57 ERA in 11 games for the 2003 Red Sox, but didn't appear in a postseason game

"...has worked in the AL".  Not "has worked effectively in the AL."

However, he did "pitch effectively" for the Royals to the tune of 39-51, and his most recent AL stint had him failing with the Red Sox.

I don't see him pitching much better than a 4.50 ERA and a 1.40 WHIP as a Yankee.  However, he'd be good for 12-15 Wins with that offense.

He'll eat innings.  If that is worth $10MM per, then I'll just have to pay higher ticket prices, hot dog prices, Cracker Jack prices, beer prices, cable fees, etc.