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Multi-Player Trades

As free agency nears (end of World Series plus 15 days and counting), I am beginning to look at off-season trades in preparation of the 2007 fantasy baseball season.

This arises because the team with the good player can fill several keeper slots in one swoop and/or the team offering multiple players does not have a single player to swap of equal value.

At what point are multiple keepers better than one good one?  With only 14 active roster spots for hitters, is a team better off with the one good player and 13 slots to fill at a competitive draft where 11 other teams are vying for the limited number of established draftees or is a team better off with the multiple keepers and focusing on acquiring one of the better draftees and having the certainty of the other keepers?

I tend towards the latter, but am curious where that distinction can be drawn?

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What is better

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    One stud player and many slots to fill
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    Several lesser players but fewer slots to fill
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    An AL- or NL-only format changes my answer
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