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Ryan Howard

Over on Minor League Ball a reader posted a diary asking whether or not he made a good deal by trading a $1 Ryan Howard for a $15 David Wright and a $15 Chris Carpenter in 2007.

For 2008, the salaries rise to $5, $23 and $23 respectively.

Talent-wise, the trade makes sense if not slightly favoring the side that got David Wright and Chris Carpenter.

I do not believe David Wright is anywhere close to Ryan Howard value.  Some could argue the positions close the gap as 3B is harder to fill with a 30 HR player than 1B.

Or that Wright's speed is the equalizer.

When tww players are close in power production, I'd agree those two factors would close the gap.  However, Howard is a 50-HR hitter with 140+ RBIs.

David Wright's 26 HRs are less than half of Howard's 58.

Howard also walked 108 times versus just 66 for Wright.  After taking just 33 free passes in his ROY 2005 in 381 ABs, Howard more than tripled that total in slightly less than twice as many ABs.

The production of Ryan Howard is irreplacable at the draft for any player less than Albert Pujols, and what does he go for?

Wright is a solid $25+ player, but his numbers are more easily obtainable.

Carpenter offers an ace at a discount and that would be enough to make the trade even.  But I ask whether of not a team is better of with a $1 Howard and the $29 player his owner can get versus the $30 spent on Wright and Carpenter.

Or what type of players are available at the $14 and $15 level.

As you get into 2008, the trade favors the Howard owner and gets worse from there.