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Questions for Giants/Atlanta

New York Giants at Atlanta Falcons 1:00 P.M.

The Giants face an Atlanta offense that has little chance of keeping up with them if the Giants' offense performs as as expected.

A couple TDs passes from Eli Manning, and 150 combined yards from Tiki Barber should make it more likely that the Falcons will have to throw the ball.

And that is something QB Michael Vick cannot do well.

If the Giants DEs can contain Vick, expect a surprisingly uncompetitive game with the Giants holding a double-digit lead for most of the game.

Does anyone know who Vick could successfully throw the ball to if he had to come back from two scores down in the 4th quarter?  No Atlanta receiver has more than eleven receptions through four games.  Not one is averaging more than 40 yards per game.

The biggest question for the Falcons is whether they can prevent the Giants from scoring 20+.  If they can, then the fact they have no semblance of a professional passing game may be moot.

Even then, I'm not sure the Giants offense can be slowed enough to allow the Falcons to win the game.

(But I'd sure like to watch Michael Vick defy my gloomy predictions!)