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Fantasy Moguls

A week or so ago, I posted a blurb alerting Fake Teams' readers to a fantasy game that follows movies.

I think it is interesting (despite the feedback I received from a well-regarded poster).

Searching through referrals, I picked-up this article in Variety.

One of the founders is none other than Matthew Berry, the founder of The Talented Mr. Roto.

On the site, players join a public or private league, choose half a dozen films via a "draft" and then keep track of scores in four categories: domestic gross, weeks in the top five, per-screen average and reviews. It's free to participate; the game and site are ad supported.

Game plans to cover three box office seasons: holiday (Nov. 1-Jan. 15); year (Feb. 1-Jan. 15) and summer (May 1-Sept. 15).

Check it out at Fantasy Moguls.