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Baseball stats on your iPod

Does your league frown upon using a computer at your draft? If so, perhaps you can get away with using your iPod. I stumbled across iPREPpress Baseball Stats the other day, which offers 2005 stats for every MLB player viewable from your iPod for $4.95.

Is it worth it? I'm not so sure, if only because I wonder with a little more poking around I might be able to find someone offering something similar for free. After all, it's using statistics that exist in the public domain, and it's not like it's any piece of special software -- anyone can make a file viewable for an iPod by creating a specially-formatted text file.

In all fairness, it looks like part of the appeal of the offer is that it offered daily updates throughout last season, and it would be pretty cool to easily take an up-to-date set of MLB stats (including all players plus standings) to the ballpark to settle any in-game arguments that may arise.

What do you guys think? Do you think it's worth it? Have you ever seen something like this available for free?