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Mike Piazza's options are limited

Was it me, or didn't you just assume that Mike Piazza would be headed to the American League this year? He needs to play for a team that doesn't need to sacrifice any defense to get him in the lineup. But apparently, after the Yankees said told him no, his only option is to play for around $2 million with the Padres.

From Newsday:

Piazza relished the idea of serving as the Yankees' part-time designated hitter. But with the Yankees no longer interested, he could find himself in San Diego, for about $2 million.

The Padres began negotiations with Lozano about a week ago, according to Padres GM Kevin Towers. Said Towers: "[Lozano] basically said to DH was Mike's preference, but if that didn't work out, he'd really want to be on the West Coast."

Are you telling me there's not a single AL team out there willing to give this guy $2 million split DH and catching duties? He'd draw at least that much at the gate, and if he didn't have to catch every day he could probably stay healthy enough for 500 at-bats, which should be good for 25 home runs. Given his catcher eligibilty, he'd certainly emerge as one of the league's top fantasy catchers of the season.

Sadly, if he does end up with the Padres, he probably won't play in more than 100 games, which, to be honest, seems like an awfully high over/under. And at PETCO Park, I really doubt he'll post any kind of numbers worth getting excited about. Look at what that place did to Brian Giles and Ryan Klesko, and those guys are closer to their prime than Piazza.