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MLB DFS Wars: Leaderboard Update

How are the standings after two weeks of action?

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

The second contest of MLB DFS Wars went down last night, with Frank Ammirante taking home top honors.

I nearly went with Peterson as my SP2, but worked my way down to Tarik Skubal—for no reason other than my recurring weakness in fantasy baseball is paying down (oftentimes too far) for pitching. Anyway, luckily I had a Glasnow/Scherzer pairing that also featured Mr. $2,000 himself, Jarred all was not lost on the night.

Related, Jarred Kelenic is STILL only $2,000 on DraftKings. He’s a must play in “cash” games, but you’ll need to weigh out his ownership in tournaments and make a call either way.

Here’s the leaderboard through two weeks! We’ll play for 10 weeks total, then drop the lowest score at the end. It’s still early and it’s anyone’s game! Shouts to Seth Klein, who took down Week 1 and came in second place from his hospital room in Week 2. That’s some dedication!

2021 MLB DFS Wars Leaderboard

RANK Degenerate Week 1 Week 2 Total
RANK Degenerate Week 1 Week 2 Total
1 Seth Klein 146.00 149.35 295.35
2 Frank Ammirante 110.00 180.35 290.35
3 Jamie Calandro 105.00 145.85 250.85
4 Jon Anderson 109.00 140.85 249.85
5 Andrew Gould 108.00 138.95 246.95
6 Heath Capps 111.35 133.90 245.25
7 Mike Carter 81.00 149.15 230.15
8 Justin Elick 96.55 128.85 225.40
9 Jesse Morse 125.00 96.15 221.15
10 Broc Miller 110.55 98.20 208.75
11 Ray Kuhn 102.00 105.95 207.95
12 Mike Alexander 110.00 87.95 197.95
13 Matt Truss 85.25 111.20 196.45
14 Dave Shovein 64.50 131.15 195.65
15 Doug Shain 75.00 117.15 192.15
16 Josh Shepardson 46.55 144.70 191.25
17 Mark Kieffer 86.90 101.85 188.75
18 Dennis Esser 93.00 89.10 182.10
19 Dave Swan 67.25 105.70 172.95
20 Thunder Dan' Palyo 69.00 101.85 170.85

Make sure to follow these guys on Twitter and digest all their awesome content!

As a unit, DFS Wars is proud to support Lost Boyz Inc. this year, a group out of Chicago. Direct from their site, here is their mission to aid Chicago’s youth:

“We do this by working to decrease violence, improve social and emotional conditions, and provide financial opportunities among the youth in Chicago’s most needy communities.”

If you are so inclined and able to give on your own, the link to do so is here. If you can’t give, you can always share the post or share their Twitter to spread the word. At season’s end, we are donating 10% of all entry fees from DFS Wars to Lost Boyz Inc.