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5 cheap sources of three-pointers for super-deep fantasy basketball leagues

Searching for some cheap threes on the wire in your deep league? Look no further!

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

In today’s NBA, we can thankfully find threes rather easily if we play in 10, 12 or even 14-team leagues. However, once we increase the number of teams, the situation starts getting murky.

But don’t worry, we have your back. Here are five potential deep-league targets that can contribute outside shooting, and yes, that obviously means three pointers (percent rostered via Yahoo leagues as of Thursday).

Gary Trent, Portland Trail Blazers (18% rostered)

His last game was horrible (1-of-9 from the field, no threes and only two points) but make no mistake, you should add Gary Trent Jr. if he’s available in your league. Portland will be without star CJ McCollum for the foreseeable future, opening up more minutes and opportunities for the three-point specialist.

For the season, Trent is averaging 2.3 threes on 42.2% shooting from beyond the arc. Now that McCollum will be sidelined for at least a month, you can at the very least bank on two makes per game with the potential for more.

JaMychal Green, Denver Nuggets (15% rostered)

It’s possible that Green isn’t on your deep league’s waiver wire. If he is, grab him now! If he’s not and you need threes, make an offer for him. You won’t regret it.

Not only Green helps you from beyond the arc (2.2 threes on 50% shooting) but he also contributes more than his fair share of points (11.0) and rebounds (6.8) in just 20 minutes per game. He’s not much of a shot-blocker, but he won’t hurt you anywhere and will increase your team’s output from three-point land.

Wayne Ellington, Detroit Pistons (3% rostered)

The veteran swingman is getting a lot of run with the Pistons of late, and he’s producing: he has received at least 25 minutes per night in his last three games, and has 13 (!) threes over that span, with 49 points (16.3 PPG.)

Even when he is getting minutes, though, Ellington is a threes-only option. There is not much fantasy juice in his overall game. But if what you need is someone from the wire to drain the deep shot, he is your man.

Jeff Green, Brooklyn Nets (13% rostered)

One would think that there won’t be too many touches to go around when Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving are all playing. However, guess who’s getting open looks from beyond the arc with the Big Three soaking up all the defensive attention? Yup, Green.

In the last two games, he drained eight triples and chipped in 30 points and 13 boards. As long as at least two of those three stars play, he should be getting some beautiful shots from three. He is in the unit that closes games, too.

For the season, Green is averaging 1.3 3PM, but in the last seven, the number is all the way up 2.4.

Alex Caruso, Los Angeles Lakers (5% rostered)

“Carushow” is more of a super-deep league option for threes, but he does drain them: he makes 1.5 per game, and does it with a 55.6% accuracy (stats before Thursday’s game.)

It’s a good thing that Caruso also averages a steal per contest, 2.5 rebounds, and 2.4 assists, with great percentages. That way, you can justify taking a flier on him on very deep formats.