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10 way too early overreactions from the first week of the NHL season

So much fun in such a little time.

NHL: JAN 13 Penguins at Flyers Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’ve only had three days of NHL hockey so far but already so much has happened. I figured I’d channel all my excitement into a few way-too early overreactions from the first week of gameplay.

(Really, I’m just excited hockey is back.)

1. Give Joel Farabee the Calder Trophy. Not really but man was that quite the start to a season.

2. Jacob Markstrom had one of the smoothest saves of the season on the second night:

3. Nashville Predators are going to be good this season, I can’t hammer this in enough.

4. 10 out of the 16 teams that made the playoffs last year lost the first game of the season. What does this mean… (absolutely nothing).

5. Connor McDavid, still the best skater in the NHL:

6. Petr Mrazek leads the league in GAA and SV%. I want this documented so later in the season we can see what has transgressed.

7. We started the NHL season with 27 player positive for Covid-19, 19 of them are on Dallas. I really hope we see this trend go to zero.

8. The Canadian Division has been nothing but excitement through the first few days. If this trend continues, I could see staying power with this change. If you did not see the Toronto vs. Montreal matchup, it is everything you could ask for it to be and then some.

9. Sidney Crosby’s goal in the first game of the season… a lot like Mike Tyson in the Hangover “I’m just saying, he’s still got it”.

10. In their first game, Tampa Bay’s power play went three for four on scoring goals while killing all three short handed opportunities. That’s almost as good as it gets.