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NBA HORSE fantasy game: Round 1

Scoring the first round of Fantasy HORSE.

Yesterday marked the first round of the NBA HORSE tournament and let me say it was... underwhelming. There were a few good rounds here and there—the Allie Quigley vs Chris Paul being one of the most enjoyable matchups of the evening—but over all it wasn’t as exciting as maybe I had anticipated. But hey, I can’t complain. It was the closet thing we’ve had to sports for the last month-ish so I’ll happily take it.

Now that the first round is over, it’s time to score the first round of our very own Fake Team’s HORSE fantasy game. Thanks to everyone who sent in their squads. Here’s how things currently stand.

Round 1 results

Player Team Team Team Team Rd 1 Total
Player Team Team Team Team Rd 1 Total
Bogey44 Trae Young (1) Chris Paul (1) Mike Conley (9) Zach LaVine (10) 21
feslenraster Trae Young (1) Chris Paul (1) Allie Quigley (7) Zach LaVine (10) 19
Alijah Johnson Trae Young (1) Chauncey Billups (7) Tamika Catchings (-3) Zach LaVine (10) 15
Pete Trae Young (1) Chris Paul (1) Allie Quigley (7) Paul Pierce (-5) 4
Zach Faulkner Trae Young (1) Chris Paul (1) Tamika Catchings (-3) Paul Pierce (-5) -6

Zach LaVine (and anyone who drafted him) was the clear winner this round as he swept Paul Pierce right off his home court. Mike Conley was the second highest scorer, posting 9 points and suffering only an H from Tamika Catchings.

A tough round for Zach Faulkner whose entire team was eliminated. This means he’s locked up our last place trophy with a score of -6. Well done Zach.

I realized how stupid it was to draft Chris Paul and Allie Quigley on the same team since they were battling each other and one of them would be eliminated. Poor planning on my part.

Onto Round 2!