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NBA HORSE fantasy game: The final standings

The last two rounds of HORSE were played last night. Here’s how the fantasy game wound up.

Last night marked the semi and final round of the NBA’s HORSE tournament with Mike Conley ultimately taking home the grand prize from his massive indoor, temperature controlled private gym. (Cheating? I’ll let you decide.)

In case you were unaware, I had created a fantasy game for this HORSE tournament because I’m addicted to fantasy sports and need it in my life desperately. So, now that the HORSE tournament is over, it’s time to update our own fantasy leaderboards to see who will be crowned champion of the even MORE important HORSE fantasy game.

Quick scoring update for those who don’t know how the games played: You get 2 points if your player gives a letter, -1 if your player gets a letter. Also we drafted teams at the start of the tournament so you lose players as the tournament goes along. Ok, pleasantries out of the way, WHO WON THE FANTASY GAME!?

Final results

Player Team Team Rd 2 Total Team Team Rd 3 Total TOTAL TOTAL
Player Team Team Rd 2 Total Team Team Rd 3 Total TOTAL TOTAL
Bogey44 Mike Conley (8) Zach LaVine (7) 15 Zach LaVine (-1) Mike Conley (8) 7 43
feslenraster Allie Quigley (1) Zach LaVine (7) 8 Zach LaVine (-1) -1 26
Alijah Johnson Chauncey Billups (-1) Zach LaVine (7) 6 Zach LaVine (-1) -1 20
Pete Allie Quigley (1) 1 0 5
Zach Faulkner 0 0 -6

Shoutout to Bogey44 who drafted perfectly in this game, snagging the two finalist and benefiting greatly from being the only player to draft Mike Conley. Huge win.

Thanks everyone who participated and hopefully we’ll have another crazy sporting event soon that we can watch and make a fantasy game out of because I need MORE FANTASY IN MY LIFE!