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What can we expect from Antonio Brown this week?

Plus, start Robert Tonyan or Hunter Henry?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Pete Rogers Illustrations

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Onto the mailbag:

Q: What can we expect from Antonio Brown this week?
— Kris T.

Oh boy, where to begin. Honestly, if Brown sees the field (which is a possibly big if), I think it’s safe to expect him to see around five targets, maybe catching two or three of them for 30 some odd yards. In Brown’s only game with the Patriots last year—which I’d say was a slightly similar circumstance to this—Tom Brady targeted Brown eight times, catching four for 56 yards and a touchdown. Against an underperforming Saints secondary, this stat line also wouldn’t surprise me.

What almost certainly is going to happen is the love fest between Brady and Brown is going to be on FULL display and Brady will target Brown 15 times, catching 10 for 120 and two touchdowns while Mike Evans watches from the sidelines, pissed off that he ever agreed to bringing Brown into the fold.

I wouldn’t be starting Brown with anything higher than WR3 expectations this week.

Q: Tonyan or Henry for TE Position? PPR league
— @PadillaAlexy

Go with Robert Tonyan. Given the fact that the Packers have literally no one playing running back for them this week, I’m fully expecting Matt LaFleur to tell Aaron Rodgers to let loose and he throws the ball 50 times all over the 49ers defense. Outside of Davante Adams, Tonyan is clearly Rodgers’ favorite target so I think he could see a pretty sizable workload Thursday night. I like Henry as well but there are plenty of other weapons in Los Angeles for Justin Herbert to spread the ball to. Also, playing the Raiders trash run defense, I’d expect them to focus on the ground rather than pushing the ball down the field via the air.

Q: Is Trent Taylor a good fantasy option tonight ? Expecting wr2/3 number from him
— @TRWard25

I am staying away from the 49ers passing game AT. ALL. COSTS. Yes Trent Taylor might walk into a fine PPR game simply because as the only pass catcher healthy, he sees 15 targets and catches 9 of them for 50 yards. However, the Packers secondary has given up the second fewest receiving yards to wide receivers this season and with no one else really to worry about, the secondary’s full focus will be on Taylor and whoever the Niners roll out.

Meanwhile, Kyle Shanahan LOVES to run the football and this Packers defense LOVES to let running backs run wild on them. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nick Mullens have 15 pass attempts and JaMycal Hasty to have 25+ carries. I wouldn’t expect WR2 numbers out of Taylor.

Q: In both of my PPR leagues I have Allen Lazard stashed away hoping for a speedy recovery.... if he is active and plays tonight, should I start him over Marvin Jones Jr in one league and over Curtis Samuel in the other?
— @a_a_ron_att

I would still break in favor of Marvin Jones Jr. in that league. I know Chase Daniel is obviously a downgrade over Matthew Stafford, but he slings the ball and has some Ryan Fitzpatrick in him in terms of tossing YOLO balls, something Jones can win. And they’re playing the Vikings who’s secondary greets wide receivers at the door with a free touchdown.

I have Allen Lazard ranked ahead of Curtis Samuel this week so I’m for starting him over Samuel, especially since the Packers will likely be tossing the ball a TON Thursday night. Obviously watch and see what Lazard’s status is before game night.

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