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2020 Fantasy Football Rankings: Defenses for Week 9

DSTs ranked for Week 9 of the NFL season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New York Giants Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Wow that couldn’t have gone any better last week with my top streaming option in the Dolphins finished as the D/ST1 with a match up winning 23 points as they took down the Rams. The Dolphins scored from a fumble return and a punt return in the second quarter and recorded a further three takeaways and continue to be a surprisingly dominant defense in 2020. Elsewhere, we saw strong performances from other teams within my top 10 rankings last week as the Eagles (20 points), Steelers (18 points), and Colts (15 points) put up the sort of score that would have made a big difference to your fantasy week.

Week 9 Top Streaming Option: New York Giants @ Washington Football Team (13% rostered)

I still can’t my head around the Giants being a top-10 fantasy defense based on the level of talent they put on the field every week, but when you’re looking for an edge in fantasy week to week, I trust the numbers. When these two teams faced off in Week 6, the Giants finished as the D/ST6 with 14 points and I can’t see that much has changed since the first match up. With a low scoring and scrappy game that’s decided by turnovers and potentially a defensive score, I’ll have a bit of that in my lineup this week. At just 19% rostered, you could also look at Washington themselves as they have been a decent streaming option most weeks as well.

Week 9 D/ST Rankings

Rank Team Opponent Owned
Rank Team Opponent Owned
1 Steelers @ Cowboys 96%
2 Patriots @ Jets 80%
3 Giants @ Washington 13%
4 Chiefs vs Panthers 98%
5 Buccaneers vs Saints 93%
6 Dolphins @ Cardinals 16%
7 Washington vs Giants 19%
8 Colts vs Ravens 72%
9 Packers @ 49ers 35%
10 Ravens @ Colts 98%
11 Bears @ Titans 75%
12 Cardinals vs Dolphins 15%
13 Texans @ Jaguars 6%
14 49ers vs Packers 67%
15 Broncos @ Falcons 24%
16 Seahawks @ Bills 30%
17 Jets vs Patriots 5%
18 Saints @ Buccaneers 67%
19 Titans vs Bears 48%
20 Chargers vs Raiders 73%
21 Bills vs Seahawks 87%
22 Panthers @ Chiefs 5%
23 Vikings vs Lions 20%
24 Falcons vs Broncos 2%
25 Cowboys vs Steelers 19%
26 Raiders @ Chargers 2%
27 Lions @ Vikings 4%
28 Jaguars vs Texans 1%