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Week 10 fantasy football bold predictions: Leonard Fournette will be a top 5 back

Angry Brady + Receiving Fournette = Successful Bucs

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Just a refresher – I will provide five bold predictions each week. I will grade those five bold picks on the old elementary scale of grades A-D.

Here are my bold predictions for NFL Week 10:

1. Kyler Murray finishes outside the top 10 at quarterback against the Bills

Justification: I am a Bill-iever in Buffalo’s defense. They have had a somewhat favorable schedule over the last three but they have been decisive allowing the last three quarterbacks to accumulate a TOTAL of two touchdowns and two interceptions along with three fumbles. Murray will scramble on them much like Wilson and Newton did (both lost at least one fumble) and he will likely score a rushing touchdown but I think his yardage is limited to sub 200.

2. Travis Fulgham finishes a top 10 receiver vs the Giants

Justification: Alshon Jeffrey is returning for the Eagles after being out almost a year. That SHOULD eat into Travis Fulgham’s carries but I think they are going to ease Alshon in with a 25-50% load to see how he does. Additionally, the Giants have allowed about one touchdown to each of the last four opponents wide receivers but usually it’s a secondary player as James Bradberry is playing well but there are holes beyond that.

3. Houston Texans vs. Cleveland Browns has an over/under of 48.5, give me the over at 54.5

Justification: The Texans have averaged 61 total points over their last three games. Remove a Vegas game that included winds over 40mph and a Steelers game (I believe they have the best defense in the league) and the Browns last three games have averaged 71 points. Sure there is a chance this game is a clunker but I think we are in for a high scoring affair, especially with some injured players back.

4. Leonard Fournette finishes a top 5 running back vs the Panthers

Justification: First Tom Brady is going to pull an All-Star performance this week. ALWAYS trust a star player off a poor performance. Fournette will be used in the passing game against a Carolina defense that has allowed opposing backs to receive at least 35 yards or a touchdown in five of the last seven games. Ronald Jones might lead the running effort but Fournette is a good bet to score a touchdown and maybe at least 40 yards receiving in the process. I could see this being his second best week this year.

5. Jordan Reed finishes as a top 7 tight end this week

Justification: After recouping from his injury, Reed returned last Sunday to a line of two targets, one catch for three yards. This 49ers team needs any tool they can utilize so I think they use him more against the Saints who have allowed six different tight ends to score touchdowns across eight weeks. This is a touchdown dependent play, he won’t get an abundance of yards.

Week 9 Outcome

1. Drew lock is slotted as the 19th best QB this week, he will finish in the top 8. Outcome: Drew Lock finished with 2 throwing TDs and 1 Rush TD to finish 5th among QBs. Grade A.

2. DJ Metcalf is the 2nd ranked WR but he finishes outside the top 10 Outcome: DJ Metcalf finished 12th with 108 yards and 1 TD. Grade A.

3. Washington vs. New York Giants has an over/under of 43.5, give me the over at 48.5 Outcome: The game ended up at 43 points falling under. Grade D.

4. Devin Singletary is ranked as the 24th best RB but he finishes inside the top 13. Outcome: Devin finished 42nd with 33 rushing yards across 3 carries. Grade D.

5. Anthony Firkser is listed as the 24th best TE but he finishes inside the top 10. Outcome: Anthony finished 30th with 3 recptions for 19 yards. Grade D.

2020 Grades:

Grade A: 16 times
Grade B: 8 times
Grade C: 5 times
Grade D: 16 times