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Start Damien Harris, JaMycal Hasty, or Malcolm Brown?

Plus, top 5 halloween candy.

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

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Onto the mailbag:

Q: It’s been a rough year for RBs for me, so the options are JaMycal Hasty, Malcom Brown, and Damien Harris, and I have to start one in a PPR league. Who do I roll with?
— @a_a_ron_att

Yikes, that is rough. And yikes, these choices are rough. Basically, however hard this year has been for you, take solace in the fact that you’ve made my life twice as rough by asking me this question. So thanks for that.

Honestly, the floor I trust the most is Damien Harris. He’s dealing with an injury and the backfield does also feature James White and Rex Burkhead (and Cam Newton for that matter) but Harris has seen at least seven touches in each game he’s play this season and the Bills defense has struggled against running backs as of late. Plus, with Julian Edelman now out, I expect the Patriots to run the ball with their stable of running backs at least 40 times.

The highest upside, but biggest risk of the three is JaMycal Hasty. Who knows if Tevin Coleman will see the field Sunday (something to monitor) and if he isn’t back in time, that leaves just Hasty and Jerick McKinnon who was basically a healthy scratch last week facing the Seahawks. That is to say, there’s a real chance Hasty sees the bulk share of running back snaps in Kyle Shanahan’s offense which is basically free fantasy points.

Malcolm Brown I love the matchup against the Dolphins, but I’m just worried about a reliable workload for him.

Firm, definitive answer: Damien Harris.

Q: Greg Ward vs Cowboys or Jerry Jeudy vs Chargers?
— Sara P.

Greg Ward. I know the Eagles passing game is hard to predict/rely on but Ward has actually been a pretty solid fantasy play the last couple of weeks. He’s seen at least five targets in three of his last four games and has scored in two of them. Against the utter trash that is the Cowboys defense, I wouldn’t be surprised to see both him and Travis Fulgham put forward strong fantasy outings.

Jerry Jeudy still doesn’t seem a focal point of the Broncos offense and with Noah Fant and Melvin Gordon coming back, against a tougher Chargers defense, I’d rather ride with Ward.

Q: top 5 halloween candy, go!
— Will G.

5. Candy corn — controversial I know but I am a BIG candy corn fan.

4. Reeses peanut butter cups — could be higher but I actually just ate a whole bunch and I don’t feel great so they’re bumped down the list for not being super binge-able.

3. Crunch bar — everytime I have a crunch bar, I remember just how damn good crunch bars are.

2. Smarties — I don’t have smarties often, but when I do, I eat way too many because they are simply the best.

1. Snickers — the perfect classic.

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