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Which running back between Jaylen Samuels, Mark Ingram & Phillip Lindsay do you sit?

Plus, favorite movie from each year this decade

USA Today/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Welcome to the Fake Teams’ fantasy football mailbag! If you want to send in your questions for next week’s mailbag, here are the ways to join:

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Onto the mailbag:

Q: PPR Sit one: Samuels, Ingram or Lindsay?
— @StillyRyan

Good question. Off the bat, Phillip Lindsay is a must start for me this week given his increased role in the Broncos offense and just how bad the Bills have been at stopping the run the last four weeks. They’ve allowed the third most rushing yards and eight most fantasy points in that time.

For your second back, I think I might break in favor of Jaylen Samuels simply given the enormous workload he’s likely to see with James Conner and JuJu Smith-Schuster out. The Bengals defense has been better vs the run recently, but we know this squad is far from good. The Rams meanwhile have steadily been above average against running backs from a fantasy perspective.

Q: In a full PPR league, I have to pick an RB2 and a FLEX from Kareem Hunt, Devin Singletary, Tyrell Williams, Michael Gallup, Demaryius Thomas, and Dede Westbrook. Which two should I roll with?
— @a_a_ron_att

SO MANY OPTIONS! Let’s start by getting rid of the duds. I don’t like Michael Gallup vs Patriots or Dede Westbrook given how underwhelming he’s been this season, plus the Titans have a good secondary, I don’t hate Demaryius Thomas vs the Raiders, but I LOVE Tyrell Williams against the Jets so he gets my vote. The Jets have given up TEN touchdowns to receivers the last four weeks and we know Williams can score with the best of them. I like him to get you at least one TD this week.

And Hunt is the play as your RB2. The Dolphins defense we know is terrible and since he’s joined the Browns offense, Hunt has seen at least 11 touches per game. Against Miami, that’ll amount to a solid week. Singletary has seen his fair share of touches when starting for the Bills, but he’s got a much tougher matchup against the Broncos.

Q: what is your favorite movie from each year this decade?
— Will G.

2010: Toy Story 3
This is a clear and obvious choice, though I do LOOOOOVE Scott Pilgrim vs the World. I’m surprised at how long ago this movie came out. It feels much more recent than say Book of Eli which also came out in 2010.

2011: Drive
I freaking love Drive. The soundtrack, how it’s shot, the fact that at the end of the movie you’re left feeling very weird about what you just watched. LOVE. IT. Honorable mentions: Bridesmaids and Sucker Punch.

2012: Skyfall/Django Unchained
Skyfall might be the best Bond movie of all time and Django was Leo’s best performance hands down. Go ahead, at me. The Dark Knight Rises was close but not quite up to par with those top two.

2013: American Hustle
This might be the hardest year to pick for me. I throughly enjoyed Man of Steel and think it’s an underrated superhero movie, Frozen is a GODDAMN CLASSIC, I cried laughing in theaters at This Is The End, and of course Matthew McConaughey was incredible in Dallas Buyers Club. That being said, Christian Bale and Amy Adams in American Hustle were perfection. (Prisoners was also real good, who knew Hugh Jackman could act?)

2014: The LEGO Movie
This movie was perfect and thats why it’s the clear choice, even over movies like the first Guardians of the Galaxy, Interstellar, Birdman, Nightcrawler, and Foxcatcher.

2015: Sicario
It was close between Sicario and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (I LOVE Henry Cavill and Guy Ritchie) but went with Sicario because Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro were terrific and it felt like Drive were at the end you were left in a state of shock. Honorable mentions: Inside Out, Mad Max Fury Road, The Big Short, Star Wars: Force Awakens.

2016: Arrival
Move of the decade in my book. It kills me that Rouge One came out this year as well since that to me is the best Star Wars movie not of the original three. Also Deadpool was 100% my kind of movie and Moonlight was brilliantly done.

2017: Thor Ragnarok
Damn, this was another tough year. Get Out was an experience in the theater, Lady Bird was great, Baby Driver I throughly enjoyed, Coco made me cry, and Logan is a top 5 superhero movie for me, but I can’t say no to Thor fighting bad guys while Led Zeppelin blasts at full volume in the background.

2018: Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse
I enjoyed everything about this movie: the animation, the music, the voice acting. Loved it. There were plenty of other movies this year though that could’ve been my number one, most notably BlacKkKlansman, Black Panther, A Quite Place, Incredibles 2, Roma, and Crazy Rich Asians.

2019: Booksmart
There are a TON of movies from this year I still need to see so this is just a temporary placement, but Booksmart was hilarious and extremely well written in my book.