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Start David Johnson or Raheem Mostert?

Plus, Jamison Crowder or Carlos Hyde?

Getty Images/Pete Rogers Illustrations

Welcome to the Fake Teams’ fantasy football mailbag! If you want to send in your questions for next week’s mailbag, here are the ways to join:

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Onto the mailbag:

Q: Need 2, ppr, 1/4pt-per carry- Tarik Cohen, Alexander Mattison, Gus Edwards.
— @NFLClark

Can I say none? I feel like that would be a really helpful answer for you if I just say “nope, none of those get a better team”. Am I right?

Mattison I like a lot because he’s consistently gotten work in the Vikings ground game and they’re facing an average Broncos defense. Plus, given how good the Broncos pass defense has been, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Mike Zimmer do what Mike Zimmer loves and run the ball 45 times. I’d ride with Gus the Bus as your number two. Maybe I’m being too persuaded by my own thoughts and feelings rather than stats and data but I have zero faith in the Bears offense and Tarik Cohen is so touchdown dependent and I don’t think that happens against the Rams.

Q: Akins or Knox?
— @andrew_schuba

I’m confidently going with Dawson Knox over Jordan Akins. You fire up all your Bills pass catchers against the Miami Dolphins. The Ravens also have been tough on tight ends this year and Akins is still the TE2 on the Texans behind Darren Fells. Knox all the way.

Q: David Johnson or diggs or mostert? 1PPR, 12 teams
— @BarberTheKing

What is going on with David Johnson? Does anyone know? It really upsets me to see a player who we know is so talented and could thrive in an offense like this look clearly banged up and almost like he’s lost a step (even multiple steps). I’m starting to think we may never see the MVP David Johnson of 2016 ever again. And that’s sad. I do not like that. I especially don’t like it against the 49ers.

But I also don’t love Stefon Diggs against a Broncos secondary that’s allowing the 3rd fewest points to wide outs. In fact, I’d say I actively hate this matchup. So I guess Raheem Mostert against the Cardinals? No Matt Breida meaning Mostert steps in as the RB2 there in SF and we know two running backs can eat in Kyle Shanahan’s offense, facing off against a Cardinals defense that’s given up the 4th most points to backs the last four weeks. I’ll take it!

Q: Contrasting styles question! Slow ass David Johnson or lightening bug Mecole Hardman PPR? (We get a point for every 25 yards of return yards too)
— @StillyRyan

I just spent the better part of last question bemoaning the fate of David Johnson and I really, reeeeaaaally don’t trust him to do anything this weekend. So Mecole Hardman baby! RIDE OR DIE!!!!!!

Q: Flex: Crowder/Duke/Hyde?
— @speediusreedius

Good question! I could see all three of these guys having solid games for you but also, they all face tough matchups. The Ravens are giving up the 10th fewest points to running backs the last four weeks while Washington has been sneaky good against wide receivers recently, giving up 3rd fewest points in the same amount of time. I don’t think you can go wrong starting Jamison Crowder, but I’ll start Carlos Hyde who’s seen 19 plus carries in four out of his last five games and has a good chance to score on the ground against a Ravens defense that’s allowing the 4th most rushing touchdowns on the season.

Q: Should I accept a trade of Josh Jacobs for a 2020 1, 2 and Chase Edmonds chucked in? I’m 3-7 is this dynasty league and thinking of rebuilding.
— @PaddiCooper

Yes. Running backs are entirely replaceable in my mind in fantasy and you can find yourself a back who can get you just as much production as Jacobs next year (slash you may already have him on your team). With a LOADED rookie wide receiver class coming, might be a great year to stock pile on picks to get as many of them, or guys who fall because of the receivers, onto your fantasy team. I think rebuilding/retooling is always the way to go in a dynasty season you’re losing.