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Welcome to the Ding Dong Challenge!

Do you like home runs and winning free t-shirts?

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Do you like home runs?

Do you like making wild predictions that come true?

Do you look at your closet and think to yourself, “Man, I wish I had a championship t-shirt”?

If you answered yes to all these questions, then you’ve come to the right place! (If you answered yes to just a few of these questions then you can stick around but I don’t know if you’re going to be as thrilled about this idea as I want you to be. It’s a judgement call for you.)

Welcome to the Ding Dong Challenge!

What is the Ding Dong Challenge?

Simply, it’s a challenge involving correctly predicting who will knock the most homers in a given week. Then you keep track of all the homers you’ve predicted throughout the year and the person with the best score at the end wins a t-shirt. That’s right, a FREE T-SHIRT! What more do you need to know?

How do I play?

There are two categories of hitters each week for you to choose from: The Elites (the top 25 players in ISO) and The Everyone Else. Each week you will pick one Elite hitter and two Everyone Else hitters to be on your weekly squad (the week runs from Monday to Sunday). Type your squad into the comment section and I’ll keep track of who has which players. Each Monday I’ll recap the week prior and post a new list of The Elites for you to choose from.

Pretty straight forward.

Shut up and show me this shirt I win

BOOM! Plus you get your name on the back.

I’m hooked. Who’re The Elites this week?

Name Team G PA HR ISO
Name Team G PA HR ISO
Charlie Blackmon Rockies 13 58 7 0.471
Didi Gregorius Yankees 15 65 5 0.469
Bryce Harper Nationals 17 78 8 0.463
Matt Davidson White Sox 12 52 5 0.39
Javier Baez Cubs 14 55 4 0.383
Ozzie Albies Braves 15 70 5 0.373
Mike Trout Angels 16 77 6 0.328
Gregory Polanco Pirates 15 70 5 0.328
A.J. Pollock Diamondbacks 15 62 3 0.327
Miguel Sano Twins 10 45 3 0.325
Max Kepler Twins 11 42 3 0.314
Brian Dozier Twins 11 52 4 0.311
Matt Chapman Athletics 17 71 5 0.302
Paul Goldschmidt Diamondbacks 15 67 4 0.296
Asdrubal Cabrera Mets 15 63 4 0.288
Khris Davis Athletics 17 75 5 0.288
Kyle Schwarber Cubs 13 49 3 0.286
Joey Gallo Rangers 18 77 6 0.284
DJ LeMahieu Rockies 18 80 5 0.282
Yasmani Grandal Dodgers 12 50 3 0.279
Starling Marte Pirates 16 71 3 0.274
Rhys Hoskins Phillies 15 61 2 0.273
Mitch Haniger Mariners 14 58 4 0.271
Yadier Molina Cardinals 15 61 5 0.271

Anyone not on this list is an Everyone Else. Reminder: you pick one Elite and two Everyone Else each week so choose wisely!

Join the fun!

Create your squad of three, post them in the comments and sit back and watch the ding dongs come pouring in.