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Shifting Values for Different Categories: First Base

You don't play in a standard 5x5 league? Great, let's look at some first basemen who may be ranked differently in your format.

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We provide fantasy analysis across a fairly broad spectrum of topics here at Fake Teams, but our rankings are built on the assumption of a standard 5x5 redraft league. So what about our readers who don't play in standard 5x5 leagues? Obviously those rankings don't fit in the same manner if your league plays different categories. So if you're looking for some first basemen who may be ranked differently in your league than the standard, you've come to the right place. All 2015 ranks are based on a 100 plate appearance minimum.


Up: Joey Votto - If you've been playing in OBP-leagues, this isn't news to you. But with a 20% walk rate and a .459 OBP, Votto led all 1B in both categories last year. I wouldn't move him up to the #1 spot overall with the otherworldly production that Paul Goldschmidt gives you in all five categories, but I would have him ahead of Anthony Rizzo and a top 5 overall option for this format.

Other Risers: Carlos Santana, Alex Rodriguez

Down: Jose Abreu - Out of our top 10 first basemen, Abreu had both the lowest OBP (.347), and lowest walk rate (5.8%). While he's still likely a top 10 option at first base in OBP leagues because of the power and run production, he's not a top 5 option there.

Other Fallers: Hanley Ramirez, Mitch Moreland


Up: Mark Teixeira - Big Tex only played in 111 games last year, but with 31 home runs and 22 doubles he posted a slugging percentage over .500 for the first time since 2009. Health remains the key though, as he hasn't appeared in more than 123 games since 2011.

Other Risers: Chris Carter, David Ortiz

Down: Prince Fielder - A bit surprising, but with a .158 ISO last year and a .463 slugging percentage, Fielder was 27th in slugging percentage and 48th in ISO. The key here is not that he shouldn't be up as high for SLG-leagues, but that without a return to his pre-Rangers form, he won't be in the top 10 in this format.

Other Fallers: Buster Posey, Yonder Alonso


Up: David Ortiz - It may be Big Papi's final season, but he was still in the top 7 in OPS on the strength of an excellent slugging percentage. He's still going to be good for both power and a high walk rate, and is a top 10 option in this format.

Other Risers: Mark Teixeira, Justin Bour

Down: Freddie Freeman - Again, at first base this is relative. He posted an .841 OPS last year, which was good for 18th in the league. You're not going to knock him down a ton (unless OPS replaces AVG entirely), but he's not a top 10 option with this category.

Other Fallers: Ryan Howard, Carlos Santana

4x4 leagues

Up: Justin Bour - Bour is a bit of an interesting case, as he hit for a decent average, good power and a good RBI total, but somehow only managed to score 19 runs outside of his home runs (23). Getting rid of that category where he hurts you most increases his value into the 20-25 range, good for a CI starter in most league sizes.

Other Risers: Mark Teixeira, Mitch Moreland

Down: Yonder Alonso - Alonso is really only a deep league play despite the move to Oakland, but because he doesn't hit for a lot of power, the drop off is even further.

Other Fallers: Chris Davis, Carlos Santana

Looking for other specific categories? Post them to the comments and I'll look into them in future positions.