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Consensus Top 100 Fantasy Prospect List

With all our top 10 lists completed, the prospect staff at Fake Teams have compiled their consensus top 100 fantasy prospects.

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We've finished up the top 10 lists for each organization, and with that comes the capstone of our rankings, our consensus top 100 list. Prospect lists represent a moment in time, based on the information available at that point and the opinion of the ranker. With seven rankers this year, we are providing them as consensus rankings, but also providing the individual lists at the end. As a result, there will be players ranked significantly different on each list, and that's not at all surprising. We each have our own methods, our own things that we give more or less weight to, and in the end I feel that this gives you the readers a broader view on these prospects. With that in mind, I have the usual caveats.

While prospect rankings require a specifically ordered list from 1 to wherever, don't take too much from a ranking you feel is a few spots too high or too low, as we're probably not going to argue if you think a player belongs three spots higher than we ranked them. The other thing to note is that these lists don't necessarily line up directly with our previous team rankings, and that comes from getting more information and making updates as the offseason has gone on. We are always looking for more information, and as we receive it, it can change how a player is viewed.

For our rankings, we use a standard points system, where a vote for a player as the #1 prospect gets him 100 points, the #2 gets 99, and so on. From there, each of the seven individual lists is given equal weight, and the consensus ranking is based on the total number of points a prospect receives, with 700 being the maximum possible.

This list is broken out into the same tiers we have been using as we have progressed through our top 10 lists, but the tiers of individual prospects have been updated to reflect the overall consensus. The other thing to be aware of is that while our definitions of the tiers will not change from year to year, the amount of prospects within those tiers will change with the level of talent in the minor leagues. The sheer number of graduates of high-end prospects last season means that the overall strength of the list is lower than last year, and so some years there will be more tier 1 and tier 2 prospects, and others less so.

We've written about nearly all of these prospects already as a part of our top 10 lists, which you can find here if you're looking for more in-depth information on nearly all of them. Have a question about a ranking? Post it in the comments, and we'll try to give some insight into our thoughts.

Tier 1 -- The Elite Prospects

These prospects are expected to be in the top 25-50 prospects overall and have the potential to be among the top options at their position regardless of format or league size.

1. Corey Seager, SS, Los Angeles Dodgers (693)
2. Lucas Giolito, RHP, Washington Nationals (690)
3. Byron Buxton, OF, Minnesota Twins (682)
4. Yoan Moncada, 2B, Boston Red Sox (676)
5. Julio Urias, LHP, Los Angeles Dodgers (669)
6. Steven Matz, LHP, New York Mets (634)
7. Joey Gallo, 3B, Texas Rangers (632)
8. Nomar Mazara, OF, Texas Rangers (631)
9. Tyler Glasnow, RHP, Pittsburgh Pirates (630)
10. Brendan Rodgers, SS, Colorado Rockies (628)
11. Rafael Devers, 3B, Boston Red Sox (619)
12. J.P. Crawford, SS, Philadelphia Phillies (609)
13. Dansby Swanson, SS, Atlanta Braves (596)
14. Jose Berrios, RHP, Minnesota Twins (594)
15. Alex Bregman, SS, Houston Astros (588)
16. Trea Turner, SS, Washington Nationals (577)
17. Orlando Arcia, SS, Milwaukee Brewers (560)
18. Victor Robles, OF, Washington Nationals (542)
19. A.J. Reed, 1B, Houston Astros (538)
20. Blake Snell, LHP, Tampa Bay Rays (528)
21. Alex Reyes, RHP, St. Louis Cardinals (521)
22. Clint Frazier, OF, Cleveland Indians (519)

Tier 2 -- The Top 100 Candidates

These prospects are expected to be in the discussion for the top 100 prospects overall and are expected to be starting options in all formats.

23. Jose De Leon, RHP, Los Angeles Dodgers (513)
24. Anderson Espinoza, RHP, Boston Red Sox (502)
25. Nick Williams, OF, Philadelphia Phillies (493)
26. Aaron Judge, OF, New York Yankees (479)
27. Bradley Zimmer, OF, Cleveland Indians (477)
28. Lewis Brinson, OF, Texas Rangers (474)
29. Andrew Benintendi, OF, Boston Red Sox (473)
30. Sean Manaea, LHP, Oakland Athletics (473)
31. Tim Anderson, SS, Chicago White Sox (461)
32. Sean Newcomb, LHP, Atlanta Braves (460)
33. Robert Stephenson, RHP, Cincinnati Reds (459)
34. Brett Phillips, OF, Milwaukee Brewers (454)
35. Franklin Barreto, SS, Oakland Athletics (439)
36. Gleyber Torres, SS, Chicago Cubs (438)
37. Austin Meadows, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates (431)
38. Josh Bell, 1B, Pittsburgh Pirates (414)
39. Manuel Margot, OF, San Diego Padres (413)
40. Ozzie Albies, SS, Atlanta Braves (411)
41. David Dahl, OF, Colorado Rockies (402)
42. Jesse Winker, OF, Cincinnati Reds (396)
43. Jake Thompson, RHP, Philadelphia Phillies (387)
44. Nick Gordon, SS, Minnesota Twins (366)
45. Jorge Mateo, SS, New York Yankees (364)
46. Ryan McMahon, 3B, Colorado Rockies (348)
47. Kyle Tucker, OF, Houston Astros (326)
48. Jorge Alfaro, C, Philadelphia Phillies (322)
49. Raimel Tapia, OF, Colorado Rockies (318)
50. Trent Clark, OF, Milwaukee Brewers (310)
51. Ian Happ, OF, Chicago Cubs (308)
52. Jameson Taillon, RHP, Pittsburgh Pirates (302)
53. Cornelius Randolph, OF, Philadelphia Phillies (285)
54. Kolby Allard, LHP, Atlanta Braves (276)
55. Max Kepler, OF, Minnesota Twins (274)
56. Grant Holmes, RHP, Los Angeles Dodgers (271)
57. Reynaldo Lopez, RHP, Washington Nationals (269)
58. Dillon Tate, RHP, Texas Rangers (256)
59. Kyle Zimmer, RHP, Kansas City Royals (253)
60. Alex Jackson, OF, Seattle Mariners (252)
61. Aaron Blair, RHP, Atlanta Braves (250)
62. Jeff Hoffman, RHP, Colorado Rockies (244)
63. Michael Fulmer, RHP, Detroit Tigers (244)
64. Brent Honeywell, RHP, Tampa Bay Rays (239)
65. Carson Fulmer, RHP, Chicago White Sox (222)
66. Archie Bradley, RHP, Arizona Diamondbacks (221)
67. Luis Ortiz, RHP, Texas Rangers (221)
68. Hunter Harvey, RHP, Baltimore Orioles (206)
69. Raul Mondesi, SS, Kansas City Royals (195)
70. Duane Underwood, RHP, Chicago Cubs (194)
71. Jon Gray, RHP, Colorado Rockies (187)
72. Hunter Renfroe, OF, San Diego Padres (187)
73. Willy Adames, SS, Tampa Bay Rays (176)

Tier 3 -- The Next Group of Starters

These prospects likely would slot into the 100-200 range on an overall ranking list and would be starters in mid-depth formats such as 12- and 14-team leagues.

74. Gary Sanchez, C, New York Yankees (173)
75. Touki Toussaint, RHP, Atlanta Braves (166)
76. Amir Garrett, LHP, Cincinnati Reds (160)
77. Dylan Bundy, RHP, Baltimore Orioles (142)
78. Anthony Alford, OF, Toronto Blue Jays (135)
79. Daz Cameron, OF, Houston Astros (127)
80. Trevor Story, SS, Colorado Rockies (124)
81. Brady Aiken, LHP, Cleveland Indians (122)
82. Jacob Nottingham, C, Oakland Athletics (120)
83. Alex Verdugo, OF, Los Angeles Dodgers (118)
84. Javier Guerra, SS, San Diego Padres (118)
85. Jack Flaherty, RHP, St. Louis Cardinals (116)
86. Francis Martes, RHP, Houston Astros (114)
87. Austin Riley, 3B, Atlanta Braves (109)
88. Michael Kopech, RHP, Boston Red Sox (94)
89. Mallex Smith, OF, Atlanta Braves (93)
90. Taylor Guerrieri, RHP, Tampa Bay Rays (89)
91. Tyler Stephenson, C, Cincinnati Reds (84)
92. Max Pentecost, C, Toronto Blue Jays (84)
93. Willson Contreras, C, Chicago Cubs (83)
94. Josh Hader, LHP, Milwaukee Brewers (80)
95. Billy McKinney, OF, Chicago Cubs (77)
96. Jorge Lopez, RHP, Milwaukee Brewers (76)
97. Derek Fisher, OF, Houston Astros (76)
98. Frankie Montas, RHP, Los Angeles Dodgers (73)
99. Garrett Whitley, OF, Tampa Bay Rays (66)
100. Gavin Cecchini, SS, New York Mets (57)

Note: You can see the Top 100 rankings for each individual writer in the Google doc below. Just select the links at the bottom of the doc.

The link below is a Word doc of our Consensus Top 100 Fantasy Prospect Rankings for those that want to print it out.

2016 Top 100 Fantasy Prospect Rankings