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Fantasy Baseball Rankings for 2016

Ray provides links to his early 2016 fantasy baseball position rankings, top 100 hitters and Top 50 starting pitcher rankings, among others.

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Many of you, US, moved our fantasy focus from fantasy baseball to fantasy football back in September. I did, to a certain extent. But, with the first round of the fantasy football playoffs behind us, some of you are either focusing on your fantasy basketball, hockey or EPL rosters. Others are probably ready to begin their offseason fantasy baseball research for 2016 drafts, and we are here to help.

Over the past few months, I have been publishing my early 2016 position rankings, top 100 rankings and much more. You can find links to my early rankings below:

2016 Position Rankings

Top 100 Hitter Rankings for 2016

Top 20 Catcher Rankings

Top 25 First Base Rankings

Top 20 Second Base Rankings

Top 20 Shortstop Rankings

Top 20 Third Base Rankings

Top 50 Outfielder Rankings

Top 50 Starting Pitcher Rankings

Other Draft Prep

Mining for breakout power hitters

Searching for 20/20 Speed by Jack Cecil

Searching for 20/20: Power by Jack Cecil

Searching for 20/20: Candidates by Jack Cecil

Fantasy Rundown

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