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The Hall of Nearly Great

Marc Normandin, manager and writer for SB Nation's Red Sox site, Over the Monster, and writer here at Fake Teams, has written, along with 40 other writers, a book called The Hall of Nearly Great. The book celebrates the careers of those who aren't celebrated, those who haven't or won't make the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The hope is that, through this project, some of these "nearly great" players can get the recognition and attention they deserve. It's not a collection of pleas to argue these 40 players into the Hall; it's meant to celebrate them for what they were, what they did accomplish, more than what they did not.

To do this, Marc, along with Sky Kalkman, recruited over 40 of their favorite writers from around the Internet, including many familiar SB Nation faces in Jon Bois, Grant Brisbee, Rob Neyer, Craig Brown, Steven Goldman, Wendy Thurm, and Matthew Kory, as well as a few of our old friends in R.J. Anderson and Tommy Bennett. There are plenty of contributors from outside of SBN's walls, as well, like Joe Posnanski, Jeff Passan, Craig Calcaterra, Jonah Keri, Will Leitch, Sam Miller, and many more.

You can read more about the project at (including a full list of authors), or at the book's Facebook page ( It's on sale today, July 18, with all three versions (PDF, Kindle, and general e-reader) available at for a $12 package.