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Coffee's for Closers

Coffee’s for Closers: Early 2018 Closer Rankings

With 2017’s regular season just about over, it’s time to take a way-too-early look at 2018’s closers

Coffee’s for Closers: Week 25

Just over one week left in the season and Coffee’s for Closers is here to help you win saves and your championship!

Coffee’s for Closers: Week 22

Week 22’s edition of Coffee’s for Closers is here to catch you up on all the bullpen gossip, rankings, and changes you missed.

Coffee’s for Closers: Week 20

Coffee’s for Closers is back for Week 20 with updates on your 30 favorite MLB bullpens. Matt Belisle is using black magic, Bud Norris ousted, Britton looking healthy, and more!

Coffee’s for Closers: Week 19

Week 19 of Coffee’s for Closers delivers a post trade deadline recap, updates on new closers and committees, and who could be next to lose their job

Coffee’s for Closers: Week 18

Week 18 of Coffee’s for Closers is here with a Trade Deadline edition! Bullpens across baseball are in flux as relievers are flying every direction. Catch up on the news here!

Coffee’s for Closers: Week 17

Week 17 of Coffee’s for Closers is here with the latest trades, bullpen shakeups, and closers moving up.

Coffee’s for Closers: Week 15

Week 15 of Coffee’s for Closers is here! We have blazed past the halfway point, so the fantasy playoffs aren’t far away anymore! What happened this week in MLB bullpens?

Coffee’s for Closers: Week 14

Welcome to Week 14 of Coffee’s for Closers! As always, bullpen roles have changed again this week, or are about to.

Coffee’s for Closers: Week 13

Week 13 of Coffee’s for Closers is here! Sit down, grab some scones and a cup of joe and catch up on happenings in MLB’s bullpens!

Coffee’s for Closers: Week 12

It’s Week 12 and we are almost halfway through the fantasy baseball season. Are more closer shake-ups in the near future? That and more in this week’s Coffee’s for Closers!

Coffee’s for Closers: Week 11

Week 11 of Coffee’s for Closers is here and bringing more closer rankings, closers in danger, and other news

Coffee’s for Closers: Week 10

It’s week 10 already! Welcome back to Coffee’s for Closers, your weekly guide to MLB bullpens!

Coffee’s for Closers: Week 8

It’s week 8 of Coffee’s for Closers! There have been the usual changes at closer and there’s an updated leverage skill graph!

Coffee’s for Closers: Week 5

Welcome back to Fake Teams’ weekly bullpen report, wherein I detail the changes in closer rankings, relevant news pertaining to relief pitchers across the league, and pitchers to keep an eye on.

Coffee’s for Closers: Week 4

Welcome to the latest edition of Fake Teams’ bullpen report, wherein Bud Norris is a closer, bullpens are rivers, and Hector Neris takes his rightful place.