2024’s Best thc Disposable Vape Pens: Shorties Premium Disposable Vape Pens

Shorties Premium Disposables

Shorties disposable vape is one of the most sort after 2g disposables released in 2023. Our disposables are quite different from many other 2g disposables in the market due to the superior flavors and long lasting high. We decided to create a disposable that can compete with the very best currently in the market.

The shorties 2g disposable team took out time to carefully craft out a disposable that not only followed the best standards in the vaping industry but also uses superior oil to any other vape. The oil in our shorties disposables is got from carefully processing the finest grown cannabis plants. All our flowers are homegrown. This is to ensure that the entire process in the production of these Carts is in house. This is one of the reasons that shorties vapes have been a hit in the vaping community ever since they dropped.

Shorties Disposable vape is capable of about a 2000 puffs, This should take the average user about 2 weeks plus. Enjoy THC without worrying about your battery. This is what makes disposable vapes better and part of the reason for their rapid increase in demand. The high from this disposables is quite similar to that from mushroom chocolate bars such as twist mushroom bars.
Shorties Disposable Vape Flavors

Apple Fritters Shorties Disposables

Biscotti Shorties Disposables

Blueberry Muffin Shorties Disposables

Bubble Gum Shorties Disposables

Gelato 42 Shorties Disposables

Runtz Shorties Disposables

Sundae Driver Shorties Disposables

Zkittles Shorties Disposables

Effects of Shorties Disposables

The effects of our disposables are quite similar to that of many other carts such as icekream and fryd disposables. The high from our carts are long lasting and can be compare to that from psychedelic mushrooms bars such as Twist mushroom bars. Some of the common effects of our shorties bars include:

It slows down reaction time
It induces feeling of happiness and joy
It induces creativity
It puts one in a more relaxed and receptive mood.
It induces sleepiness and dizziness