Six fantasy football podcasts and YouTubers worth following

You might consider yourself a casual player of the Fantasy Premier League. Luckily, having a successful season doesn’t mean you are a pro, a veteran with years of experience.

If competing with your friends, invest time reviewing the league's scoring system and digging deeper into managing the waiver wire. Additionally, you must keep yourself updated on the match results and statistics to win a season and make informed decisions.

The good news is that you have some online resources like podcasts and YouTube videos offering valuable information about the fantasy Premier League. However, picking the right YouTube channel or podcast can be tricky as there’re several experts claiming to be the best for Fantasy Premier League. Thus, if you are looking for a head start, the following content can be right up your alley.

List of YouTube channels for Fantasy Premier League

The following YouTube channels are a great starting point. However, you can always inspect the available channels to find something suitable for you. Additionally, search within YouTube channels if you wish to find content on topics. Use some more tricks to search for YouTube comments to get an idea about what other viewers think.

Of course, it is possible that some channels will not be available for users from all regions. Luckily, YouTube has plenty of content to offer, and you will certainly find what you are looking for.

However, if you are set on watching a specific channel or video, try using a proxy or a VPN. A Virtual Private Network lets you reroute traffic through a remote server in your chosen country. Then, online services will no longer be able to determine your whereabouts. Thus, if you connect to a VPN for Windows and pick a server in the approved area, you might be able to watch the content you want.


This channel has a whopping 213K subscribers and has posted more than dozens of videos since its inception. FPLtips is placed at the top of the list because it has some excellent videos that offer tips and tricks for choosing your teams before every season and match. The sheer number of quality videos on this channel makes it the best among the lot.

The wide range of content on the offing includes weekly tips, Q&A, players to watch, and team selection. All the videos have a short playing time and are very descriptive, offering in-depth information about every team and player.


This channel boasts 134K subscribers, increasing with every passing day as new videos are posted. This channel is extremely popular amongst young football fans looking for valuable statists about the games, teams, and players.

The commentary is equally valuable because, as an enthusiast, you get fantastic insights about your picks, which helps you to make necessary changes about the fantasy team you created. Check out the point predictor, a series that also forms the channel's USP.

Let's Talk FPL

The number of subscribers is increasing with every new video the owner releases. If we go by the 324K subscribers, it gives us a fair idea of why it has made it to the top YouTube channels.

This channel makes an excellent effort and research to back their claims, which helps you to make fruitful transfers. Andy, the owner of this channel, conducts some unique research for each of the videos and even conducts live streams regularly to answer all queries posted by viewers.

List of podcasts for Fantasy Premier League

Many podcasts exist that you can listen to while performing any mundane activities. Of course, the first step is finding a suitable podcast platform for finding and listening to the people you want. Luckily, many podcasts are available through multiple programs. So, you won’t necessarily need to sign up for a new service.

Of course, you might also consider starting your own podcasts on fantasy football. Free podcast editing software for computers will certainly help you take the first steps. Invite some friends and discuss recent events and exchange your opinions.

A Good Football Show

NBC Sports promote this podcast, and all the episodes are well-created. The best thing is that the podcast has access to the top NFL experts. This is a very professional podcast featuring valuable and informative episodes.

Little small talk or flashy is attempted during the show, and the host comes straight to the core discussions. Thus, if you're looking for a professional and no nonsensical podcast, A Good Football Show is the one.

NFL Fantasy Podcast

The production of this podcast is directly backed by NFL and offers professional episodes on everything related to football. NFL Fantasy can be a great choice if you hate listening to casual football enthusiasts who provide little value when it comes to content.

All the news, chats, and other details you get on this podcast are reliable, and the stats are authentic. Football experts from all over the globe feature on their live shows, giving you some great insights about an ever-evolving game.

Harris Football

Chris Harris is an immensely popular fantasy-football commentator and expert. He is widely respected for his in-depth knowledge of the game and valuable commentaries.

Before he decided to go solo, Chris had a long stint at ESPN. He brings all the experience and knowledge into his podcast episodes and makes them highly informative and exciting for a wide range of audiences.

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