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Hot Ice: Players who are hot and cold in fantasy baseball (4/22/2021)

Looking to a few first basemen to have big weeks.

MLB: Spring Training-Minnesota Twins at Philadelphia Phillies Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Hot ice! I heat up...the ice cubes! It’s the best of both worlds! Well, in fantasy baseball we rarely see Hot Ice, we typically see more hot streaks or cold streaks. The purpose of this article is to look at the “2’s.”

  1. A look at which players are hot and cold over the last two weeks.
  2. A look at players who were historically hot over the last two years. (The fun part of this is while you may research which players were hot in April vs. June, what I did was take a culmination of each player’s game individually and then put a count on each one. So what you will see here are how each player fared between their 12th and 22nd games over the last two years. Who might have struggled or been average through the first week of games and then really got a fire going after that. Obviously there are a lot of variables when looking at this including, rookies, injuries, Covid-related absences and being I noted any player who only had ONE year’s worth of data due to one of those situations.

For now I am just discussing batters, but if the appetite is there, I will start to add in pitchers as well.

Hot Ice over the last two weeks

Hot (last 14 days)

  • Top 3 Hits: Joey Wendle, Ronald Acuña Jr. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Adam Frazier
  • Top 3 Runs: Ronald Acuña Jr., Mark Canha, Joey Wendle
  • Top 3 HR: Eduardo Escobar, Matt Olson, Ronald Acuña Jr. Rafael Devers
  • Top 3 RBI: Rafael Devers, Matt Olson, Jed Lowrie, Adam Duvall, Javier Baez
  • Top 3 SB: Trea Turner, Whit Merrifield, Eddie Rosario, Mark Canha, Ramon Laureano, Manny Machado

Cold (last fourteen days)

  • Mookie Betts: 1 HR, 1 Run and RBI; batting .240
  • Kyle Tucker: 3 runs, 1 HR, 2 RBI, batting .154
  • Alex Bregman: 1 run, no HR or RBI; batting .143
  • Gleyber Torres: 3 Runs, 0 HR, 1 RBI, 1SB, batting .143

(Quick note for Last Two Years rankings: low average rank is best and a good number of players have only done it for one year. Luke Voit is currently injured and so are a few others: Cody Bellinger, Rhys Hoskins and Jose Abreu are the best historical representation of success here.

Last Two Years (Games 20-30)

Row Labels Total Sum of Rank RBI Total Sum of Rank Run Total Sum of Rank HR Total Sum of Average Notes
Row Labels Total Sum of Rank RBI Total Sum of Rank Run Total Sum of Rank HR Total Sum of Average Notes
Aledmys Díaz 18 21 30 23 One Year Blank
Salvador Perez 6 50 14 23 One Year Blank
Luke Voit 51 18 9 26
Yordan Alvarez 26 51 15 31 One Year Blank
Luis Robert 24 79 4 36 One Year Blank
Jake Cronenworth 14 16 80 37 One Year Blank
Jonathan Lucroy 83 21 15 40 One Year Blank
Hunter Pence 3 116 3 41 One Year Blank
Cody Bellinger 28 92 7 42
Evan White 6 108 14 43 One Year Blank
Tom Murphy 11 116 3 43 One Year Blank
Rhys Hoskins 32 121 9 54
José Abreu 4 132 32 56
Kyle Lewis 134 5 32 57 One Year Blank
Buster Posey 18 76 78 57 One Year Blank
Greg Allen 83 21 78 61 One Year Blank
Ozzie Albies 113 35 47 65
Will Smith 37 83 82 67
Trea Turner 86 9 110 68
Juan Soto 40 132 44 72
Brandon Drury 113 76 30 73 One Year Blank
Ryon Healy 37 116 78 77 One Year Blank
Travis d'Arnaud 78 100 62 80
Chris Iannetta 53 116 78 82 One Year Blank
Derek Fisher 168 51 30 83 One Year Blank

In a nutshell

Trust in: Ronald Acuña Jr., Cody Bellinger, Rhys Hoskins and Jose Abreu

Possible Rebound Upcoming: Ozzie Albies

Keep an Eye on/be cautious about: Kyle Tucker, Alex Bregman and Gleyber Torres (what is going on with the Yankees)