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Is not drafting Christian McCaffrey 1.01 dumb?

Plus, should you draft wide receivers early if you have a later pick?

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Onto the mailbag:

Q: Is it dumb to take anyone other than Christian McCaffrey 1.01?
— Sam A.

Maybe this is a hot take but I say no. I agree CMC is the clear cut 1.01 favorite but I also would happily take Ezekiel Elliott here. The Cowboys offense is all set to be stupidly productive this year and Zeke has proven time and again to be a top three fantasy back.

Q: I have the 10th pick in my .5PPR draft this weekend. Should I still stick with the RB first strategy or at that point does it make more sense to go top wide receiver? Thanks!
— Pablo T.

There are so many fantasy relevant wide receivers this year I just have a really hard time encouraging you to draft that position early. Around the 10th pick is when you see Tyreek Hill and Julio Jones go, both of whom will likely be studs this year. However, I would still go running back here, especially if you’re in a snake draft. Guys like Kenyan Drake, Miles Sanders, Nick Chubb, Austin Ekeler, and Josh Jacobs should all still be on the board at your pick and you can’t go wrong with any of those guys as your RB1. Then get your RB2 with the next pick and just stock pile on wide receivers from Round 4 on. That’s my strat this year.

Q: I’m in a superflex league. Should I still wait on quarterback?
— Kelsey G.

I have a hard time drafting quarterbacks early no matter what league you’re in. That being said, I was just in a draft in which the number one pick went Patrick Mahomes 1.01 and then Dak Prescott 3.01. Would I recommend that strategy? Probably not. I still think you can get plenty of QB value late in the draft and spending an early pick on a top guy prevents you from getting a RB1 or WR1. You could wait until almost the 10th round and still end up with Matthew Stafford and Carson Wentz as your two quarterbacks. Or you can do what I did and wait until the last two rounds and draft Cam Newton and Jimmy Garoppolo and just watch the points come pouring in this year.

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