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Baseball’s best one-month hitting stat lines of the last 20 years

Just a handful of some exemplary performances.

Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco Giants - June 24, 2004 Photo by Kirby Lee/Getty Images

Captains Log,

It’s been 28 days since I’ve watched a sport other than MMA on a remote island or a game of horse via video chat. Muscle strength has diminished in particular among flexing sports strength on twitter. Rations have grown low as a college diet of ramen noodles and gatorade has reemerged. As such, I’ve grown tired and lethargic and have reduced myself to asinine what ifs.

What if Mike Trout hits 200 HR in a shortened MLB season that has just 100 games?

What if Nolan Arenado hits every single at bat and ends the season with a perfect 1.00 average?

I fear the lack of screaming at the TV during extra innings and sweating out the Sunday games when I’m up by one category in a weekly league has gotten to me. I fear that without sports, I've become complacent and less argumentative. As such, in an attempt to retain sanity, I have regressed to looking up some of the best one month stints across various players over the years.

Do you think that perhaps we could see a player join these elite players this season? One can only hope, until then, I will continue to dive into arbitrary stats…


2004: Barry Bonds hits a .472 average with 10 HR, 21 runs and 22 RBI

2019: Cody Bellinger hits .431 AVG with 14 HR, 32 runs and 37 RBI


2003: Rafael Furcal hits .336 AVG with 7 HR, 35 runs and 15 RBI

2003: Jason Bay hits .321 AVG with 12 HR, 21 runs and 35 RBI


2004: Ivan Rodriguez hits a .500 AVG across 96 PA with 3 HR, 16 runs, and 17 RBI

2009: Albert Pujols hits .320 AVG with 14 HR, 19 runs and 35 RBI


2006: Chipper Jones hits .500 AVG across 73 PA with 19 runs and 20 RBI

2006: David Ortiz hits .339 AVG across 126 PA with 26 runs and 35 RBI


2006: Ryan Howard hits .348 AVG across 138PA with 14 HR, 25 runs and 51 RBI

2017: Giancarlo Stanton hits .349 AVG with 18 HR, 28 runs and 37 RBI


2010: Troy Tulowitzki hits .303 AVG with 15 HR, 30 runs and 40 RBI

2017: J.D. Martinez hits .396 AVG with 16 HR, 26 runs and 36 RBI

These are some of my favorites, do you have one that should be included?