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Finding stat-sheet stuffers for 2021 fantasy basketball

Which players will give you a little bit of everything this year?

San Antonio Spurs v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

When drafting your fantasy basketball team, it’s important to add at least a few players who give you a little bit of everything. Your stat-sheet stuffers.

Last season there were 12 players (we’re not counting James Johnson who only played 32 games) in the NBA who averaged at least one rebound, at least one assist, at least one 3-pointer made, and one block per game, and at least 0.5 steals per game (over 50 players averaged 1+ SPG; less than 50 averaged 1+ BPG.):

  • Anthony Davis, 99% rostered
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo, 99% rostered
  • Karl-Anthony Towns, 99% owned
  • Joel Embiid, 99% rostered
  • John Collins, 97% rostered
  • Kristaps Porzingis, 94% rostered
  • LaMarcus Aldridge, 91% rostered
  • Robert Covington, 89% rostered (he’s finally recognized!)
  • Andrew Wiggins, 87% rostered
  • Myles Turner, 74% rostered
  • Jaren Jackson Jr., 72% rostered
  • Brook Lopez, 68% rostered

First of all, I’m glad to see that people have wised up and are drafting RoCo and BroLo in higher numbers than in previous years. However, BroLo is still under rostered, in my opinion: he averaged the second most blocks last year!

Who are the players who came close, though? Are there any players who may get on that list this year?

Jonathan Isaac, the young (injured) defensive maestro for the Magic, was close, but until his three-point shot improves a little bit, he’ll remain off the list. (Get well soon!) He’s an absolute stash in dynasty leagues, of course.

Jayson Tatum and Pascal Siakam both averaged 0.9 BPG; could their amazing numbers get even better this year for defensive stats?

Al Horford and Marc Gasol both got close, but they’re both trending downwards in fantasy (although I do think Horford could have a resurgent year in OKC).

Christian Wood and Derrick White, two young players in Texas, also nearly made the list. You’ve probably heard of Christian Wood, he’s the Houston Rockets’ big free agent acquisition after playing out of his mind for a spell for the Pistons last year. He’s definitely got the body type that suggests he could fit in with players like those mentioned above.

But, Derrick White? Derrick White is a 6-foot-4 guard for the Spurs. He’s several inches shorter than the guys on that list. He averaged 0.6 steals per game last year, and 0.9 BPG, along with 11+ PPG, 3+ RPG, and 3+ APG, and shot 36% from three (same as Donovan Mitchell, right ahead of Chris Paul at 36.5 3PT%), while playing less than 25 MPG. White’s True Shooting percentage was 59.3%, right behind Trae Young and Kyrie Irving. Seems good!

White’s out for at least a few weeks to begin the season after having offseason toe surgery, but he’s probably going to start once he’s back, and hopefully his minutes will increase closer to 30 once he does. If that happens, then he might just join that list above, but as the lone guard.

We sometimes forget that the Spurs develop guards extremely well. White’s backcourt mate, Dejounte Murray, is also on a positive trend. White’s only 15% rostered right now, probably due to his lack of name recognition and the fact that he’ll miss some games early on. That also means that he’s a cheap stash you can grab at the back end of the draft. What if White improves his counting stats modestly to 12/4/4 with at least a block a game (he had 0.9 BPG last year, remember)? Well, only four players did that last year: the Big KAT, the Greek Freak, the Joker, and BAM! Adebayo.

Again, Derrick White’s currently 15% rostered. But, if he can provide that kind of production from a guard spot? His ownership will skyrocket. He was a top 90 player in ESPN basic last year. Could he be top 75 this season? It won’t cost you much to find out.